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Five “Community” Easter Eggs I’ve Blown Out of Proportion Due to Loneliness

Like so many of us, I’ve spent the last few weeks quarantined alone in my studio apartment with nothing but TV and my increasingly worrisome thoughts to keep me company. Luckily for us lonesome souls, Netflix recently added the cult NBC series “Community.” And after weeks of repeated viewings, I’ve discovered a number of fun, wacky, and at times, downright disturbing Easter Eggs. Let’s take a look!

T-8Abed — In, “Modern Warfare,” Greendale plays paintball. Jeff, who was napping in his car, is nearly blasted full of paint before Abed rescues him. Abed deadpans, “Come with me if you don’t want paint on your clothes.” Most will catch the reference to “T2: Judgement Day.” But what you may miss is the way Abed then looks directly into the camera and explains how the birds are poisoning my Frosted Flakes. I don’t know what movie that is referencing, but still a pretty neat Easter Egg for hardcore fans!

Logan’s Beans — The episode “App Development and Condiments” provides detailed instructions on how to dissociate from one’s identity and carry on full, in-depth conversations with your own reflection. It also features a kinda cool “Logan’s Run” reference. I screamed out my window to a lady walking her dog and asked if she ever saw “Logan’s Run,” but she must not have heard me because she just started sprinting away.

“Am I pretty, daddy?” — The episode “Aerodynamics of Gender” reveals Abed can zero in on insecurities, emotionally destroying any and all Greendale students. But what you likely missed is Chevy Chase appearing in the corner of my eye. When I try to look at him he vanishes, but I KNOW he’s here, mocking me and quoting “Caddyshack.” Yes, it’s terrifying, but for the first time in weeks I don’t feel alone.

Troy’s Movie Idea — In this now classic episode, Troy (played by Danny “I’m Too Old for This Shit” Glover) points to a small, mosaic tile in the Greendale gym locker room. If you freeze frame at just the right moment, you can read the following message on the tile: “TOYNBEE IDEA IN MOViE `2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER.” It didn’t make a whole lot of sense the first 2 or 35 times I watched it, but now the episode really speaks to me.

My Dinner with Abed — I wither every day. The world dies around me, my window a prison cell from which I must watch its decay. I can see the sign of an Applebees from my window, I long for the embrace of sit-down casual dining which I once rejected. Anyway, there’s an episode where it’s a reference