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Daft Punk Releases New Line of Helmets for Allergy Season

PARIS, France — Daft Punk reportedly re-joined forces after officially disbanding in 2021 in order to collaborate with manufacturing giants 3M on a new collection of their signature light up helmets, just in time for both festival and allergy season.

“The Paris-based electronica duo designed the hottest robot helmets of the season with the dual purpose of looking chic while also keeping the insane pollen levels due to global warming out,” reported Sheree’ Purdue, who runs one of France’s top style houses. “Tucked inside is a miniature removable, disposable, air filter, designed to prevent even the most delicate of festival goers’ sinuses from becoming irritated by the allergens swirling around most outdoor venues. From Glastonbury to EDC, this functional new rave wear might turn into the prominent trend of 2023.”

Die-hard Daft Punk fans have already taken the internet by storm with mostly positive feedback.

“This is so great. I mean, it kills three birds with one stone: A HEPA filter for my dust allergy, light up mechanisms for partying after dark, and built in head protection for riding my Art Bike around Burning Man. Just take my money already,” said Kyle Somers while wearing the 18 pound helmet. “And it’ll hide my tears when I think about the fact that the only new music we’ll ever get from Daft Punk again is remasters and demos. Really brilliant stuff.”

Well-known fashion blogger Carmen Lestanzio of believes this this redefine allergy helmets going forward.

“I can’t stress how clever of a launch this is, because not only do the helmets add an extra element of style to your festival outfits, but they also help to conceal your identity so nobody will find out that you still think Burning Man is the cool festival. Just admitting that you go is bad enough for your image,” Lestanzio said. “So this is a great way to jump into the group camp photo while still maintaining your dignity, both online and in real life.”

At press time, GWAR announced a collaboration with sports gear company Under Armour to release a limited edition run of moisture wicked t-shirts to sell exclusively at their shows, intended for the “splash zone.”