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17 Year-Old Undecided Whether First Tattoo Should Be On Hands Or Neck

NEWBURGH, N.Y. – With his 18th birthday just days away, 17 year-old Kevin Dolce is ready to jumpstart his adulthood by getting his first tattoo. But now, Kevin is faced with one of the most important decisions of his adult life: should his first tattoo be on his hands or neck?

“I spent a lot of time thinking about the long-lasting effects of this tattoo. I’m not careless,” Dolce said. “But I still can’t decide which one girls will like more: hands or neck?”

Dolce isn’t ignorant to the permanence of tattoos, and has seen his fair share of regrets when it comes to the placement of your first one.

“One of my older brother’s friends got his first tattoo of a swallow on his hand and he really regrets it,” Dolce said. “He wishes he went for something more conservative, like a snake with a dagger through its head, dead-center on his throat. You know, something easily covered by a modest turtleneck during job interviews.”

Alexander Dolce, Kevin’s 50 year-old father, and a self-described “cool dad”, explained that he hopes his now-adult son will make a mature decision.

“He’s a grown man now and I respect any decision he makes,” Mr. Dolce said. “I just hope he doesn’t do something stupid, like get a giant tattoo on his neck when he still has two perfectly good hands that could be tattooed first.”

The Hard Times reached out to the unlicensed basement tattoo artist that Dolce was planning on going to for his first tattoo, Bryce Thompson.

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“For your first [tattoo], I recommend getting a girlfriend’s name or a crossed-out swastika, something you can pay me to cover up in six months. Job security, you know what I mean?” Thompson said while attempting to fix his homemade tattoo machine. “As far as location, I really don’t give a shit. I will tattoo wherever you want as long as you pay me my $65.”

Dolce is confident that he’ll land on the right decision, and is already looking ahead into his future.

“I know whatever I decide on, I will be happy,” Dolce said. “I am already starting to plan where to put my next one. It’s going to be a matching straight edge tattoo with my friend Charlie.”

Photo by 5demayo.