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You’re a Phoebe Bridgers Fan? Name Three Antidepressants You’ve Been Prescribed

Sick Phoebe Bridgers tat ya got there. Is that her whole face covering your entire torso? Cool, cool. You must be a real fan then, huh? A real “Bridgers Burner” like me? Mhm. I bet. Well if you’re such a big fan then I guess you’ll have no problem naming three antidepressants you’ve been prescribed.

Well of course you’re gonna say “Lexapro, Zoloft, and Prozac.” Those are like the most popular ones! You couldn’t even name a deep cut like Celexa or an old classic people forgot about like Paxil. Hell, I bet you can’t even name one of their side projects like Marplan (or anything from the MAOI collective). Pleeb.

I’m starting to doubt your undying love for the least corny thing associated with Conor Oberst. Seriously, do you even mope? How often do you even stare out the window longingly during a thunderstorm? I bet you live in a dry climate. Poser. For me, it’s always raining because I never stop crying. That’s how you know I’m a real Pheobe Bridgers fan. I’ve got depression and a severe case of the “Phoebe-Jeebies.”

Look, I don’t mean to be a snob. This is just a sensitive topic for me and I take it very seriously. I’ve been through a lot and, now that I’m thinking about the mentality it takes to get a full torso tattoo, you probably have too. Maybe we have more in common than I realized.

So to circle back to your original question, no I cannot name three Phoebe Bridgers songs.