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Your Problematic Fave: We Found Some Old Tweets by Donald Trump and Now He’s CANCELLED

It goes without saying that real-estate mogul/TV personality Donald J. Trump is a huge role-model for lots of folks, and it’s not for nothing. The Apprentice host has provided low income housing for hundreds of tenants, rich and poor alike. He’s an outspoken critic of the carceral state, calling out unfair indictments on more than one occasion and hiring dozens of past and future felons in high ranking positions in his enterprises. All of this cements his status as our #WokeKing. Or does it?

We’ve been digging through some of Trump’s old tweets and, you know what? Maybe he’s not as great as people think.

He’s ableist
First of all he’s pretty fucking ableist. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this tweet

Sorry, honey. “Stupid” is an ableist term. Denigrating someone’s value due to their cognitive abilities? You’d think a multi-millionaire like Trump should be able to buy some class but nope. Thank u, next!

He’s tone deaf on race
Sure he hired Omarosa when no one else dared too. But it sounds like Trump isn’t all that aware when it comes to race after all.

It’s almost blink-and-you’ll-miss-it but if you look carefully you can see that he seems to support a wall across our southern border. Maybe he doesn’t know about the origins of the phrase “build the wall” but it’s widely seen as a racist term. Hey, Trump, ignorance is no excuse to go spouting potentially troubling phrases. Read a book before you put your foot in your mouth again.

He’s shows signs of sexism

Ugh. After women have worked so hard to gain acceptance in the workplace, you’d think Donald Trump of all people should be more aware of potentially sexist behavior and how to avoid them. But this Tweet shows you just can’t trust people.

You know, you’d think a millionaire businessman like Trump should be aware that “clown” has historically been used as a slut-shaming slur against woman choosing to assert their femininity through makeup. But here he goes calling feminist icon Mika Brzezinski a cl*wn. Oof.

He doesn’t know how to think before he Tweets
Can you believe he actually sent out this tweet and didn’t ONCE stop to think “Hmmm, maybe I should reconsider?”:

I just can’t believe how incredibly fatphobic he’s being. Hey, Mr. Trump. Lots of kids look up to you. I know the last thing you want is to contribute to young girl’s poor body image issues. Can you imagine if Tiffany heard you talking like this? You must know another word for large instead of the F-word. Think about that for next time, if we even give you chance after all this.

He’s buddy-buddy with associates of criminals
Money can’t buy a better class of friends. Check this out:

Now the name might not mean anything to you but I’ve been doing some digging and this Michael Cohen seems like bad news. He’s very recently been arrested for working for an individual who reportedly told him to lie to the FBI. Now that’s a big freaking deal. Come on Trump. As a solidly upper-middle class figure you should be able to find a better group of people to hang out with than that!

Ableism. Fat Shaming. If you look closely, he even appears to support the border wall. In summary, Donald Trump? CANCELLED.