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YES! This Elementary School Music Class Absolutely Nails Anal Cunt’s “I’m Gonna Give You Aids”

The future of America has been looking pretty bleak lately, but these music students at Chippewa Valley Elementary School in Mt. Clemens, MI might just make you say, “Hey, maybe the kids are all right!” That’s certainly what their parents must have been thinking after watching these little virtuosos absolutely nail Anal Cunt’s “I’m Gonna Give You Aids” during the school’s annual fall orchestra concert.

“It’s a very challenging piece, but the very first time I heard that song I just knew I had to have my students make it their own,” said the band’s conductor and teacher Jeffrey “Scumz” Todd. “The vocal melody was just begging to be arranged for the recorder. I knew it would be a challenge, but seeing the look on all the parent’s faces made it all worthwhile.”


“That’s not an easy song for anyone to pull off, let alone an elementary school concert band,” said school principal Ronald Francis. “I’m proud of our students and know they’re going to do very well when they perform it at regionals later this month.”


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This isn’t “Hot Cross Buns” or “Row Row Row Your Boat” we’re talking about. This is Anal Cunt’s “I’m Gonna Give You Aids”! The breakneck tempo alone would leave many professional musicians gasping for breath before the second verse, but not these pint-sized shredders!

Parents in attendance were fully blown away. “It wasn’t on the program at all,” said proud mom Jennifer Schmidt. “When they first started playing it I knew I recognized it from somewhere, but I couldn’t place it. Then my husband whispered the title in my ear and I was like, oh my god… ‘I’m Gonna Give You AIDS,’ of course! That’s so adorable!”

“I really like the song,” chimed in 8-year-old flutist Ava Schmidt. “You really couldn’t ask for anything more from the most controversial grindcore band of all time.”

Article by Randipulator @dipulator