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Where Are They Now? the 47 People Who Clicked “Going” on the Facebook Event

With influences like the Arctic Monkeys and Nirvana, it is no surprise local power trio Seven Car Pileup have really made a name for themselves.

When 47 people clicked “going” and another 12 clicked “maybe” on their Facebook event “Seven Car Pileup LIVE at the Rocket Factory, February 8th- tickets $5”, we all knew it would be a night to remember. We decided to catch up with these eager fans to find out what they have been up to. Because they were supposed to fucking be here god dammit.

We all remember Joe as the happy-go-lucky kid who wore his heart on his sleeve as he clicked “going” on the event. He had this to say:

“No way dude. That was this Friday? I totally forgot.”

He declined to comment about where he was but added he would totally be at the next one. Super helpful Joe!

Stephen has been super busy since he clicked “going” on this Facebook event.

Sources have revealed that he ended up spending the night smoking weed while he watched three episodes of HBO’s Curb your Enthusiasm and two episodes of Entourage, a show he knows sucks. You’re right Stephen, it IS better to burn out than to fade away!

Who could forget Sarah, who went as far as texting “yeah suree [sic]” when asked if she was going.

It turned out that Sarah couldn’t make It either, but she was willing to bet it was a great night. Hope you didn’t bet the fucking house on that one Sarah!

We don’t know anyone called Ralph. We’re actually pretty glad he didn’t show up!

David was spotted at a college open mic that night. When presented with these rumors, he had this to say:

“Seven Car Pileup? Those guys fucking suck”
Ouch! Why not say that shit to our face David? Preferably at the show you agreed to come to!

Ray plays bass in Seven Car Pileup, so you would think he was a shoe in for “showing up.” Guess again!