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We Sat Down With We the Kings Without Even Realizing

Last week, we were fortunate enough to sit down with indie pop (we think?) band We the Kings to catch up on their latest tour or something. They are a truly inspiring band best known for the single that sounds like “The Great Escape” or that other single that sounds like “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light it Up).”

Needless to say, it was a very exciting moment especially since we didn’t even realize it was them until we sat down!

The Hard Times: So do you guys still tour? Did you ever tour?

We the Kings: (laughs) Of course! When we’re between lawsuits, that is.

THT: Yeah, we can see that. For the record, we don’t think you guys stole anything. You just have a very, let’s say, “middle of the road” approach to your songwriting and aesthetic and it’s easy to confuse you with another band or even a generic group of guys at the mall.

WtK: (in unison) We get that a lot.

THT: We noticed you’re all wearing We The Kings t-shirts. Is that because you’re really big fans of yourselves? You seem like you might be.

WtK: It’s actually to differentiate ourselves from other bands.

THT: Because no other bands would wear their own fucking shirt?

WtK: No, it’s for practical purposes. Last week we mixed our drummer up with the guy from Kings of Leon and we’re still not sure we got the right guy back. The shirts should prevent any similar mishaps in the future.

THT: Well, it was great talking with you guys. Is there… anything memorable you can leave us with? Something that might make you stand out in the slightest bit?

WtK: Totally! We’re actually part of a larger consciousness sent to Earth to consume and become one with all. We will unify. We will purify. Existence will be us!

THT: Okay, great. Thanks for talking the time to talk to us, King Crimson!