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We Sat Down With Noah Kahan but It Ended Up Just Being Some Random Vermont Hippie

Noah Kahan is taking the folk-pop world by storm, and we’re totally here for it! The Vermont native, known for his deep lyrics about mental health and New England life, recently landed a well-deserved Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, and he’s currently selling out a massive world tour.

That’s why we were shocked to run into the long-haired, bearded star outside a co-op while we were on a weekend trip to Burlington. We were even more shocked that he agreed to sit down with us for an impromptu interview over some pizza at American Flatbread.

It soon all made sense though.

The Hard Times (THT): Hey man, stoked you could do this interview with us.

Noah Kahan (NK): No problem at all! I’m just as stoked as you are. Appreciate that you’re buying me pizza too, ha. I love this place. They use organic ingredients and support local farms.

THT: It’s the least we could do! So let’s get right into it. How has life changed for you these past few years after becoming famous?

NK: Well, I wouldn’t say I’m famous. I’m known around these parts, sure, but I’m still just a run-of-the-mill Vermonter. I ski in the winter, hike in the summer, and enjoy local craft beer and maple syrup.

THT: We love that modesty. You’re so genuine—salt of the earth, if you will. You even look a little dirty.

NK: Yeah, you caught me right when I was getting back from foraging. Most people don’t know stick season is actually the perfect time for it.

THT: Stick season! Like your hit album and single!

NK: Okay?

THT: You’re just as crunchy as we hoped you’d be. So tell us, what was it like working with mega-stars like Hozier?

NK: Hozier? Is that the dude who runs the fair-trade meadery in Winooski?

THT: Ha! You’re funny dude.

NK: Seriously, who is Hozier? The name sounds so familiar. Do they work at Lawson’s? Or Hill Farmstead?

THT: No, we meant Hozier, the Irish musician. You just collabed on a song with him called “Northern Attitude,” right?

NK: Respectfully, I have no idea what you’re talking about, flatlander.

THT: Are you not Noah Kahan?

NK: Oh, Is that what you asked me earlier at the co-op? Ha! I thought you said “Know a shaman?” I said yes because I know, like, three of them. And four energy healers. And two holistic doulas. Closest one is in Brattleboro.

THT: Why would we ask if you know a shaman?

NK: I don’t know, but I don’t judge.

THT: Well thanks for speaking with us, I guess.

Random Hippie: No problem. Are you still gonna pay for my pizza?