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We Look Back at the Misfits/Eurythmics Split Album That Might Have Just Been Me Recording Over My Mom’s Tapes

If Stranger Things has taught us anything, it’s that the market for 80s nostalgia is alive and well, particularly among people who were not alive in the 80s. And as a music journalist, it’s my duty to cash in on that nostalgia. I reviewed one of my favorite albums from that time period: the Misfits/Eurythmics split cassette.

Who could forget the way “We Are 138” ends followed by about a minute of “Here Comes the Rain Again,” only for it to be interrupted by the intro to “Hatebreeders?” Well, apparently everyone I’ve talked to about this, because no one I know seems to have any idea what I’m talking about. How is it that my friends and family have no recollection of this album? It was a game changer for the scene back in the day. Have I been friends with posers my whole life?

This has to be an example of the Mandela effect, right? All my friends look at me crazy when I talk about how I’m surprised that Danzig never did any guest appearances on a Eurythmics album. I can’t believe everyone I know could forget about this classic split album that truly helped bring together the pop and punk fanbases. I’m pretty sure that’s where pop-punk actually got started.

Okay, I’m just starting to realize something. I think it’s possible that this wasn’t an official album. After looking through my childhood tapes, I’ve discovered what appears to be a bootleg Eurythmics album my mom made, with a bootleg Misfits tracklist in my handwriting in the case. I suppose it makes more sense that I just stole one of my mom’s tapes and recorded some Misfits songs over it. I’m not sure any producer in the world would have thought an “Angelfuck”/”Sweet Dreams” mashup was a genuinely good idea.

I’d like to take a moment to apologize to any of my friends who I’ve verbally or physically attacked during arguments about this album’s existence. I thought this was all some big conspiracy to gaslight me, but I see now that I may have been in the wrong. My bad everyone.