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We Interviewed the Stray Cats and They All Threw up on Our Couch

Rockabilly revival icons Stray Cats have enjoyed a longevity few other rock bands can tout, reuniting continuously and even recording a new album this year. The band was gracious enough to visit The Hard Times and for a discussion on the secret to their success, but instead, all three band members vomited on our couch.

Hard Times: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We consider ourselves fans of your music and your career itself. Inspirational to say the least!
Brian Setzer: …

HT: You… you feeling alright?
BS: *nods rapidly*

HT: …okay yeah, cool. So how did this all begin? Was it your passion for music of a bygone era or was this more of a strategic decision after realizing there was an audience begging for a rockabilly revival?
Loo Rocker: harmmpfff… uggg… merf.

HT: Alright something is definitely wrong? Do you all need some bread or something? Some water? Coffee?
Slim Jim Phantom: HUUUUUUGHHHGH.

HT: Look, if you gotta puke just use the bathroom over there. We also have-
BS: *vomits directly onto the couch like he wasn’t even trying to miss*

HT: …we also have vomit bags under each chair and next to the armrests on the sofa. This is the Hard Times offices, our interviews end in vomit more often than not.
Stray Cats: *vomits in unison*

In summation, the group’s commitment to authenticity in its music and image has certainly been appreciated by devoted rockabilly fans and their impact on the sound and culture of rockabilly is as clear as their vomit was acidic. Unfortunately, we did not hear much about the keys to their success so we are left only to wonder. Perhaps their care-free nature is what led to the Stray Cats’ career longevity as well as the Hard Times’ latest couch purchase. Perhaps it was the expired cheese plate we put out for the band as a pre-interview snack. These mysteries of rock and roll are what keep us fans hungry for more.