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We Caught up With People Who Got Those Mustache Tattoos on Their Fingers To See What Their Personality Is Based on Now

If you were around in the mid-late 2000s, you probably knew at least one person who got a mustache tattoo on their finger. Usually, this person was always on MySpace, self-identified as “random,” and was really into bands like Cobra Starship and 3OH!3, but probably ironically.

While the trends of the time have mostly died out, tattoos are forever. What happened to those branded with the now infamous mustache finger tattoo? We sat down with a few of them to get a glimpse into what their personalities are based on now.

Kevin, 33, Funko Pop Collector
While Kevin’s mustache tattoo has somewhat faded away due to friction from the signature fingerless black gloves he wore well into his late twenties, he still bears the mark. Kevin now owns over 200 Funko Pops, which are prominently displayed all over his studio apartment. He offered to show us his entire collection and give us the backstory of each one, but we respectfully declined.

Delilah, 30, Cottagecore Influencer
You’d never know this is the same Delilah who once had jet-black bangs covering one eye and rocked the same Invader Zim hoodie every day. Her cottagecore influencer account “wood_nymph” has over 40k followers on Instagram. Delilah says she became “completely obsessed” with the cottagecore aesthetic after her father purchased an idyllic summer home in upstate New York. If you look closely at her account, you’ll notice her right index finger isn’t visible in any of her posts.

Mike, 34, and Carli, 31, Relationship Advice YouTubers
Former classmates of Mike and Carli recall rawr-ing lovingly at each other in the cafeteria, when they weren’t fighting in the hallway, that is. Despite years of drama and dozens of “it’s complicated” relationship status updates on MySpace, the two stuck it out, and the mustache tattoos they got together on Carli’s 18th birthday are now partially covered by wedding rings. Ironically, the two now run a YouTube channel dedicated to relationship advice, which they will give, unsolicited, to anyone who will listen offline as well.