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We Asked These Rockabilly Fans What’s Their Favorite Decade

Rockabilly is one of the oldest variants of rock and roll. It may have peaked in popularity during the 1950s, but its fashion and culture still have an impact on fans today. We at Hard Style had these Rockabilly fans to tell us their favorite decade and why!

“1950s, man. Peak time of culture and music.” – Howlin’ Jack, upright bass player

“1950s, daddy-o. The styles can’t be beat!” – Keith Vallie, curator of the elvis presley museum

“1950s, baby. Cats really knew how to style a ‘doo.” – James Dean III, pompadour hair stylist

“2040s. I heard we’ll reach singularity by then.” – Pomade Jeff, hot rod owner

“1670s. Many say that it was the beginning of the golden era for Kabuki theater and its hard to argue otherwise.” – Cherry Williams, Soda Jerk

“1830s. I’m a follower of Sylvester Graham. Many people these days laugh off his views on sex and dietary restrictions but back then they really understood what he was going for.” – Brian Setzer, musician

“2550 B.C.s. I’m a big Pharaoh Djedefre buff.” – Switchblade Kelly, pin up model

“106,080s. I heard that’s when humans will start evolving third sets of finger nails so we will have that fun adjustment period.” – Ponyboy Troy, former roadie for Reverend Horton Heat

“8,999,410 B.C.s had an amazing culture. I heard that’s when the Cenozoic sloths had their own primitive version of internet.” – Poodle Skirt Sally, bowling champion

“2570s. That’s when aliens will make first contact and really change American music.” – Tattoo Betty, pin up model

“Not sure. As a fifth dimensional being, the measurement of a decade is hard to grasp.” – Ed Debevic, Teddy Boy