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Top 5 Alternatives to “Nice Set, Dude!”

We’ve all been there before: you just saw an up-and-coming band have a rough set and you want to support them without seeming fake. Many people use the cliche phrase, “Nice set, dude!” even though their music sounded like slaughter day at the puppy mill. Well, here are some helpful alternative phrases to avoid this punk faux pa.

1. Looked like you were having fun up there!

This shows that you appreciated the performance without seeming like you’ve never talked to another human before. They might not have had the best performance of the night but at least they looked like they had a really fun time doing what they love. And you know how the saying goes, “If you do what you love and you’ll never a work a day in your life,” which is true for all out of work touring musicians.

2. What kind of pedals are you using?

Commenting on a shitty musician’s guitar gives them such a sense of confidence. It’s like telling an ugly dude you love his outfit. It’s totally worth spending hundreds of dollars on just to shield the fact that you’re not that talented. Or good looking for that matter.

3. We could accomplish so much together

If there’s anything I know about musicians it’s that after a rough set they really want to hear your advice. Especially if you’re a musician who they’ve never heard of. Let them know how open to collaborating you are, particularly if you’re in completely different genres. Make sure they’re fully aware that your elctro-pop-funk-nu metal-noise duo would be a perfect fit for collaboration once you find a second member.

4. That ruled! Looks like you got some good meat on them bones

Bands on the road are constantly hungry due to a lack of affordable food options. Remind them that they still look like regular folk who, depending on how desperate the food situation gets, could be used for sustenance while at a rest stop near the Appalachian mountains.

5. I can’t wait to smell your flesh once it’s grafted onto my body

Pretty self-explanatory. Once you fully merge your flesh with the band you will become more powerful. Just as the lead Vampyr told you with his Call! Remember, it won’t take full effect until their blood has been covering your body for the entire duration of the harvest moon.