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The Next Car Seat Headrest? This Depressed English Major Is Mumbling to Himself

For the past several years, the Will Toledo-led indie music project Car Seat Headrest has been stunning fans with their amazing albums, catchy hooks, and introspective lyrics. Now, it seems they may have inspired a successor!

Noah Pattinson, a depressed english major who studies rhetoric and writing at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana has been mumbling to himself a lot recently and may just be the next Car Seat Headrest.

In recent weeks Pattinson has been spotted in Ball State’s Bracken Library quietly mumbling to himself for often hours at a time, and Car Seat Headrest fans can’t help but take notice.

“Yeah, I see him studying here all the time, and I think he’s got something special,” says nursing student Rachel Bingsley. “The way he quietly mumbles to himself like he instantly regrets every word coming out of his mouth is so in line with what Will Toledo does on all of his songs. I haven’t been able to make everything he says out, but I’ll hear him say words like ‘failure,’ ‘teen,’ and ‘circumstance’ pretty often. If that doesn’t sound like Will Toledo, then I don’t know what does.”

Even though Noah reportedly prefers to keep to himself at a specific desk in the corner to attract as little attention as possible, his potential hasn’t gone unnoticed. Brett Genty, a music student, once stood behind him while gently strumming an acoustic guitar, scoring Noah’s anxious, deeply personal mumblings. “I recorded it and put it online. I tried passing it off as a lost Car Seat Headrest demo, and shockingly enough, everyone believed me. I saw all sorts of comments and articles about Will Toledo’s raw genius, and Pitchfork even gave it Best New Track. No one’s even corrected it yet, not even the band themselves. I think this kid and his self-loathing-induced grumbles really have a future.”

When asked about his future and newfound skill, Noah was pretty cryptic. He slightly raised his voice above an abject mumble but not to a level that’s close to something you’d call talking, announcing that “failure is the curse of the conscious, and I am wide awake.” No matter what he meant by that, we’re sure that Noah represents a bright future for the mumbliest of depressing indie rock music.