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Super Power? This Woman Can Identify a Predator Just by Seeing If She’s Sexually Attracted to Them

If you think you like bad boys, then you haven’t met 26-year-old Nora Sardana! Sardana has the incredible skill of identifying someone as a predator solely by being attracted to them.

Not all superheroes wear capes! Especially when those capes find themselves hastily removed any time a face tattoo is present.

“I have the worst taste in people,” said Saradana of her powerful talent. “Whatever creep radar I’m supposed to have is just my attraction level.” Amazing!

We met with Sardana to speak to her about her incredible gift in her Los Angeles apartment. Framed posters of American Beauty, Sleeping Beauty, Manhattan, and Louis CK’s canceled film Daddy, I Love You adorned the walls.

When asked her about her origin story, Sardana attributed her gift to reading Lolita as a romance, unwanted sexual attention from the age of eleven, and years of regular Tinder use. She also asked us why we called it a “gift.” So modest!


Not only does this superpower come in handy in emergency situations, but this lucky lady gets to reap the benefits on a daily basis!

She told us, “Without fail, I’m always attracted to the guy in the office who constantly masturbates in the bathroom. By the way guys, we know you do that. Anyway, I work from home now. When you find yourself jealous of one ply toilet paper under fluorescent lighting it’s time to make a life change.”

Wow, talk about a blessing AND a curse! Even though it has caused her a lot of distress, Sardana likes to use her power for good. However, when local police tried to recruit her to work for the sex crime unit, she found herself attracted to every single one of the officers for some reason. So she had to pass.

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