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Someone Needs to Tell These Problematic ’90s Movies That It’s 2020

2020 marks the start of a golden age of acceptance and social progression. But along with progress, we must also seek reflection. We need to identify our previously held problematic beliefs and atone for the betterment of all people and many of us are doing so. But you know who hasn’t? Fucking ’90s movies.

That’s right. This week, we went back to revisit some of our favorite films from our youth and we are shocked and appalled at how insensitive and offensive they turned out to be. In this day and age there’s no excuse for these classic films to be so tone deaf. Let’s break down some of our favorite films made over 20 years ago that absolutely refuse to get with the times.

Dazed and Confused (1993)
This cult hit by Richard Linklater was a smash success and was the breakout vehicle for many big name actors we all love today. But there is a darker side to this seemingly innocuous tale about teenage substance abuse and sexual manipulation. Matthew McConaughey’s iconic character is a fun-loving chill dude at first glance and the line “I get older, they stay the same age” is a classic, but has anyone ever taken the time to consider the implications of this quote? 2020 has a different attitude towards sex and power dynamics and this movie needs to get with the times, yet no matter how many times we watch it, they repeat the exact same problematic behavior! You’re on notice, Dazed and Confused.

American Beauty (1999)
Again, another hit movie with deeply troubling undertones. I haven’t watched it but I looked at the DVD cover and saw that it stars KEVIN SPACEY?! It boggles the mind how in the year 2020, such a prolific abuser is allowed to star in this 1999 film. American Beauty, you are CANCELLED.

Clueless (1995)
We remember this one as our favorite film growing up. We remember all the Clueless-themed sleepovers and birthday parties. However, looking back, there are several issues with this problematic fave. Notably, the use of the “r-slur.” In 2020, sensitivity towards mental illness and disability is finally becoming commonplace, which makes you wonder what kind of brain-dead moron decided it was okay to use this language in a movie (and a comedy movie at that!). It’s crazy insane to make light of such things and, frankly, it’s a bit psycho. Sidenote: the continuity errors in this film really trigger my self-diagnosed OCD, LOL!

Honorable Mentions: Ace Ventura, Clerks, The Mask, Chasing Amy. The list goes on. All these classic movies seem to have their morals planted firmly in the past and frankly we’re tired of hearing excuses. Do better, 90’s! Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to prepare for our review of some classic ’90s gangsta rap albums. Should be a nice palate cleanser for the problematic taste those movies left in our mouth.