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Society Is Turning Into Exactly What I Bet the Book 1984 Is About

The election has come and gone and now more than ever we are under the watchful, all-knowing eye of the powers that be. This is the exact type of shit that I’m sure they talk about in George Orville’s classic novel 1984.

There is some seriously messed up stuff in the world right now and you would be surprised how much of it is probably predicted in this book. I haven’t read it myself, but I want to. I’ve had a copy of it for like, ever. There’s just nowhere good to read in my house. But still, that does not take away from the amazing vision of the author.

In 1984, when George Romero originally wrote the book, he probably laid out the mess we’re in today perfectly. From what I’ve gathered from reading the back cover, he pretty much says Trump would be elected president. The novel’s catch phrase “The Big Boss Is Watching Us,” doesn’t seem as funny now as it did when the book came out 32 years ago, does it?

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And if what my old weed dealer told me about the book is true, I think it might as well have been titled 2016 — because we’re living it. It’s fucking crazy out there. Drones? GPS tracking? The NSA? Need I say more? 1984 or 2016? Ha, I can’t see any difference.

And just like I’m pretty sure the book says, remember this: once you give control away — it’s gone forever. It doesn’t matter if it’s been given over to people or to technology, you are now at their mercy. This is beautifully shown in the last scene of the book when they ask the supercomputer Hal to let Dave back in from outer space and Hal simply responds “I’m afraid Dave’s not here, man.”

Wake up people!

Let us know in the comments below if you can fill us in on the major plot points of 1984.