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So, Is There a Mrs. Brightside?

Why hello there. I must say, your story intrigued me. I know what it’s like coming out of a difficult relationship but I have to ask, is there a Mrs. Brightside? Because I am totally willing to take on that role.

I don’t usually go for the sensitive, creative types, but I think we’re a good match. A little about me: I’m Beth and I live in Dallas. And I definitely work hard and play hard! You might say I want it all! I’m an Associate Media Director at Miller Ad Agency (Kind of like Pete Campbell from “Mad Men”—one of my favorite shows!). I enjoy running, travel, cross-stitch, and cooking reality shows. I’m no “Top Chef” but I did make a tennis racket-shaped cake for my dad’s 75th birthday.

I see you’ve been hurt before, so you should know, I’m also done with games. I’m just too old (But not TOO old!) to even hear any alibis or sick lullabies or alibis.

Look, we all have baggage and I am definitely guilty of staying up nights imagining scenarios about where my ex was, what he was doing, and who he was doing it with. I know it takes a lot of work, a lot of soul searching (and wine!), but I came out a better person, ready to love again.

You’re right, destiny is calling you, and I’m on the line. Our first date might not start out with a kiss, but it will end with one. And if you play your cards right, it won’t ONLY be a kiss (I might even touch your chest!).

I know you’re a Mormon, but just so you know my eager eyes are open and I’m not opposed to a sister-wives thing. What can I say, I’m Mrs. Brightside.