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Remember the Spin Doctors? Neither Do We

Hey gang!! We all love 90s throwback nostalgia shit and you know who we haven’t thought of in a while- the mother fucking Spin Doctors, that’s who! Wait, who? Y’all remember the Spin Doctors? Fuck, neither do we.

They had that song “Two Princes,” right? I think it was about the singer being some regular guy trying to compete with a richer, more attractive man who just doesn’t understand the girl the way the singer does. Right? Or was that “Hey Leonardo” by some other band I also vaguely remember whose name escapes me?

They also had a pretty iconic look. They were the guys with the fuzzy top hats, right? Shit no that wasn’t them. I just googled the hat description and google suggested “Jamiroquai hat” so I’m betting I’m thinking of the wrong band again.

I do have one hazy memory of the Spin Doctors. I think I do, at least. I must have been pretty young because the song was playing on the old cassette deck we had in the garage. Plus, dad hadn’t left us yet. I can’t really remember his face anymore. Sure, there’s photos of him but the memory in my mind has long since faded. In this memory, I can make out the outline of his clothes but no facial features. And his voice that used to sound crystal clear in my head is now a dull murmur. But I can distinctly recall the iconic drum fill that kicks off Two Princes. Some things stick with you forever.

Blessid Union of Souls! That was the “Hey Leonardo” band from earlier. Phew, that is a weight off my chest. You guys remember Blessid Union of Souls? Yeah, neither do we.