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Rad Man: This Guy Wore His Actual Domino’s Uniform to the Ska Show

I’ve been to hundreds of ska shows in my life but what I just saw is probably the most epic thing I’ve ever witnessed. I watched this band called “The Skallywags” have one of the best sets I’ve seen in a while. But it wasn’t the band that I couldn’t take my eyes off. It was the dude who showed up wearing his Domino’s uniform!

I’ve seen The Aquabats at least 37 times. I’ve seen Skankin’ Pickle perform the song “Hulk Hogan” while dressed as Hulk Hogan. I saw a dude dressed up as a giant fish at a Reel Big Fish show. But this is next level.

Look, I’ve been in this ska game a long time. I’ve been spit on by Eddie of Voodoo Glow Skulls. One time Mike Park of Skankin’ Pickle almost broke my neck stage diving on me. One of the dudes from Less Than Jake gave me the “live long and prosper” sign, but again, none of these things compared to the dude wearing his actual uniform from Domino’s.

I was transfixed from the moment he skanked past me wearing that shirt. This wasn’t some knockoff or even a promotional item. It was the real deal. This guy fuckin’ worked there, man! That’s so sick. Even if he was The Noid I couldn’t avoid loving him.

No matter what happens, I’ll never forget that dude in that Domino’s uniform and the way they both skanked into my heart without warning. You could call him a trendsetter but I hope I never see another Domino’s uniform in the pit again. Some things should only be seen once.