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Poll: Do You Wanna Be Freezing Cold on the Way to the Venue or Drenched in Sweat Once You’re There?

In the coming winter months, many of us are faced with a major decision when we decide to attend a show that has no coat check. Do we want to wear a jacket and be drenched in sweat the entire time we are at the venue?  Or do we want to go jacketless and be super cold on the way there?

Life is full of these hard choices.

First, let’s look at the pros and cons of wearing a jacket on your way to the show.


  • You get to be warm and cozy all the way to the show.
  • If it rains, you will be a dry and happy.
  • You have pockets that let you hold all of the valuable items in your life.



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Photo by Greg McGonagle
  • As soon as the show starts, you will be a miserable ball of sweat and despair.
  • The sleeves of your coat will be stretched and ruined beyond repair.
  • If you tie the jacket around your waist, breathing will be hard and you will be bullied for the same reasons you were in middle school.


Now let’s consider the pros and cons of skipping out on the jacket.



  • You will be a free spirit at the show: dancing, jumping, and pointing as you please.
  • On your way home, when you are a glowing ball of heat, you will have no jacket to hold.
  • You will not die of a heat stroke before the headliner plays.



Photo by Greg McGonagle
  • You will immediately smash your cell phone as it flies out of your pocket.
  • You will still be covered in sweat, it just won’t be your own.
  • You may die a freezing cold death before even making it to the show.


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Wow, It seems that no matter what outerwear decision you make, you will face certain peril.

There is, of course, one final option. You can say “Screw it. Screw the whole thing, I’m staying home where I will be comfy and warm. I don’t need live music as long as I have Netflix.”