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Our Sharona: My Journey Into Polyamory

The first time my girlfriend and I saw Sharona she had the cutest pout on her face as she was turned away from a bar after getting carded. Luckily, we knew the bouncer because he was a regular at our local Paint n’ Sip. I gave him a nod and said, “Don’t worry, she’s with us.” Talk about foreshadowing.

A few drinks later, Trish and I were in one of our usual fights when Sharona commented, “This is why I’m poly. All my partners are way less possessive.” We realized what our relationship was missing: other people.

At first it was easy. Sharona added us to all the local poly Facebook pages and gave us a color-coded Excel template to keep track of our dates. I’m usually pretty bad with scheduling and organization but for some reason this time I was motivated to keep up with it.

It was the perfect lifestyle! Fulfilling the romantic needs of multiple people is super rewarding and laid-back and definitely not a ton of emotional work that we struggled to maintain.

Things took a turn when Sharona went quiet on us. She started dating someone closer to her own age who isn’t super into open relationships. But that’s cool, right? I mean, being poly is all about respecting your partners’ partners’ needs, at least that’s what Trish and I continue to tell each other while lying in the fetal position hoping Sharona will call at least one of us back.

So easy and fun!

Now, Trish and I and Trish’s fiance all live together with my girlfriend and her absurd amount of lizards, and we’ve got a totally chill chore/sex wheel system. We’re happier than ever! Still, we miss the girl who started this all for us. And sometimes, I lay awake between Trish and her fiance and wonder, when you gonna give US some time, Sharona?