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Opinion: Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah!

I’m typically a pretty middle-of-the-road person, so just hear me out. I don’t like radical politics and I think if we all respect and listen to each other we can come together and find a middle ground on just about any issue. That said, Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah!

And I will not back down from that statement.

Don’t even try to change my mind on this. Gun control? Abortion? Campaign finance reform? I can see the reasoning on all sides. But when it comes to Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah, I refuse to budge.

I will not apologize for my stance on this issue.

I have never met a person in my life who has been able to convince me otherwise. I think about this issue night and day just to be sure I’m in the right about this. And every time I come back to the same conclusion: Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah.

I know everyone always gets in Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah debates on social media and I get that it’s annoying. But it’s a debate worth having and I know in my heart of hearts that I’m right about this issue.

Some people even think we should ban Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah, which is obviously prosperous. I’m willing to listen to others discuss perhaps restrictions on Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah but even still, I just get so fired up emotionally because this can lead to a slippery slope. Say we implement ‘common sense’ laws restricting Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah but where will it lead? Temporary Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah bans? An Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah exchange program? Rounding up all Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah’s and removing them by force? Not in my country.

You can pry my Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah from my cold dead heads.

I try to be reasonable about this issue, but where does it end? It’s in situations like this where I remember the famous quote, “First they came for the Baw-wit-da-ba’s, and I did not speak out— Then they came for the Click Click Boom’s, and I did not speak out— Then they came for the Boom Boom Pow’s, and I did not speak out— Then they came for me.”

Let’s all try to take a lesson from the mistakes of our past. Let’s be reasonable, pull together and, grrrrrrrrrr- Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah!

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