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One of This Venue’s Door Guys Always Tells the Truth and One Always Lies, Can You Enter Before the Band Starts?

The time has finally come: you’re about to see your favorite band at the Mud Crotch, your town’s best and only music venue. However, a word of warning for a weary traveler: one of the door guys at the Mud Crotch always tells the truth, but the other will only tell lies.

If you can figure out their enigmatic, borderline-racist statements, you’ll get to see former Styx singer Dennis DeYoung’s drummer’s new band!

Go forth, music fan! Beware of the door guys and their labyrinth of paradoxes!

You: Hey, I’m here for the show.

Door Guy #1: Oh yonder traveler, no doubt a concert you seek, but to enter these doors, you can only one question speak!

Door Guy #2: Behind one door is the show by the drummer who works with the guy who used to be in Styx, but behind the other door is just more of our tricks!

Think: you can ask only one question, but one will lie and the other will tell the truth. Hurry! It sounds like the opener is wrapping up with a bad cover of an Aerosmith song!

You: I’m friends with the manager.

Great, that’ll buy you some time, though you also kind of seem like a dick now!

Door Guy #1: He’s not in tonight. Uh, so that question is not right.

Door Guy #2: That wasn’t a question at all, let’s see your ID, bu-bawl.

Bu-bawl? These guys aren’t very committed to the rhyme thing. Oh well, maybe keep stalling?

You: Well I mean, I’m pretty sure my name is on the list. I’m just saying.

Door Guy #1: If on this list your name your name appears, myself you may call Richard Gears.

You: Richard Gears? What does that even…

Door Guy #2: It’s hard to make rhymes on the spot! Now ask your question, last chance you’ve got!

Okay, you’ve got one chance to see this show. Just go for it.

You: Which door the other guy would say is the right one?

Door Guy #1: Ah, the right question to ask, to accomplish your task! This one.

Door Guy #2: Yeah, that one.

You: Right, yeah, I just realized you guys are just copying a riddle I learned in like the third grade. Kind of a hacky bit guys.

Door Guy #1: Dude, that’s rude.

Door Guy #2: Very rude!

You: Well if one of you is lying, I guess one of you actually thinks I have a point.

Door Guy #1: Fuck off.

Door Guy #2: Just go in. Six-drink minimum, asshole.