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Oh No! the Guy I’ve Been Paying To Fuck My Wife Is a Liberal Cuck!

Thirty years ago I married the most beautiful woman in the world. I know everybody says that about their wife but mine is the real deal. Boobs, ass, vagina: you name it, she’s got it. On top of all that, she loves to fuck. And I mean she really loves it. Almost as much as I love to watch.

You see, about five years ago we met this young bull at a dive bar. Tall, handsome, and built like an NFL player (but one who stands for the anthem). We invited him back to our place that night and the rest is sweaty, passionate history. I’ve been watching this bull drill my wife all over our home three times a week, every week. Life couldn’t be more perfect. That was until yesterday. He came over, same time as usual, only today he was wearing a ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt. I reflexively started yelling my safeword.

Now it’s no secret that we’re a Pro-Trump household. The photos of Trump as Jesus on the cross are pretty straightforward. We honestly never really took the time to ask our bull anything outside of “Would you like a drink?” and “You like fucking my wife in front of me, don’t you? Yeah…”. It never even occurred to me that the man making my wife cum all these years was secretly undermining my position as the alpha male in my own home! I spent the night laying there staring at this treacherous shirt on the floor while my wife was screaming her brains out as this guy sat on top of me fucking her. It was so traumatizing I barely came twice.

What a moral dilemma. This guy who has been satisfying my wife beyond belief for all these years was a lefty beta male the whole time. How can I reconcile such a disgusting person when they can do such amazing things? I guess sometimes you just gotta separate the cuck from the cuckoldry.

Things just haven’t been the same. I expressed how I felt about it to my wife and she doesn’t care. All she cares about is his monster hog. Meanwhile I’m over here watching Antifa literally fucking the wet freedom out of my beautiful America. Why can’t my wife just get fucked by a real Alpha who respects our troops and acknowledges that ALL LIVES MATTER.

If anybody reading this has a big dripping pecker, love for our country, and an interest in fucking a wife on a pool table while a half-flaccid man watches please contact me, or Alex Jones, ASAP.