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Now That Britney’s Free, What Should My Next Thing Be?

On November 12, 2021, Britney Spears became free. For leaders of the #FreeBritney movement like me, 11/12 was our 9/11, except in reverse. November 12 was the day a disaster was undone and the twin towers of Britney’s dignity and autonomy were resurrected. Okay cool. Now, what should my next thing be?

For years, I poured my heart and soul into the cause. I posted thousands of times on Instagram, designing and selling Free Britney merch, and even strongly considering going to law school to help destroy the evils of conservatorship. So now that’s it’s over, what should I throw my entire identity into next?

The Captivity of Britney was a long and traumatic 14 years for Britney Spears and, honestly, for me. I lived, breathed, and posted through all of it to the detriment of my emotional and professional well-being. Day and night I fought for my queen online, insisting that Brit should have the freedom to go to In-N-Out Burger, see her children, or sign a deal for a lucrative Las Vegas residency without her father’s permission.

But life goes on and there are many other worthy causes that could use an identity-less social shapeshifter like me. Criminal justice reform, equal rights, and anti-gun violence are all good causes, but if I’m honest with myself, these issues lack a certain je ne sais quoi compared to rescuing the Princess of Pop from her gilded cage.

These days, I scroll through social media tirelessly in search of a cause. That is until I realized something about myself. Life is not basing my life around a movement. I need to be an individual and think for myself. And to me, personally, I can’t live in a world where Jason Momoa doesn’t fork over every cent to my goddess Lisa Bonet. #TeamBonet