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Not Today, Satan, but if I Move Some Things Around I Can Make Next Tuesday Work

I tell ya, Satan, these days it feels like there’s never enough time. I work long hours, I try to stay fit, and I have a thriving social life, so squeezing in an audience with the Dark Lord on such short notice feels like an impossible task. Sorry, how ’bout next Tuesday?

Yes, I did get your text asking if we could hang out tonight. Thanks for the offer but my schedule is hellish. I’ve got a pilates class, I’m picking the kids up from soccer, and if there’s still time, I promised my friend Troy I’d try to catch his open-mic set. So not today, Lucifer. But maybe tomorrow. No, wait. Shit, that’s not gonna work either. I’ve got book club after work. And that reminds me I’m still only on chapter twelve so I guess that means I’m not making it to Troy’s thing tonight after all. How about Tuesday? Assuming I can move some things around.

Tuesday’s no good? Here’s a thought, your Unholiness. Sunday night I have softball league but we’re always short a couple of guys, so maybe you could fill in?

You’d prefer Saturday? I was planning to volunteer at the soup kitchen that night plus I have a haircut appointment, but I suppose those plans aren’t set in stone. My buddy Mike would probably switch me volunteer nights and I can see if Gina can move my appointment back to later in the week. Yeah, this might actually work, my evil amigo!

Alright, Antichrist. We’ll plan to meet up Tuesday night at my place at 7:00. Oh, you’d prefer 7:06 precisely? Why? Okay, yeah, that is kind of like 6:66. I see what you did there. Very clever.

Anyway, I’ll see you then, you winged infernal serpent. Weather permitting.