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My Son Uses Gender Neutral Pronouns and I Respect His Identity

Navigating complicated issues around young people and gender can be confusing and even frustrating at times. Well this father is tackling those issues head-on. I’m a pretty old school guy but my love for my family exceeds all else. That’s why I am proud to say that my son uses gender neutral pronouns and I respect his identity.

When Alex came to me and told me he thought he was nonbinary and would like me to start using gender neutral pronouns for him, I was initially very perplexed. He had always enjoyed sports and other boy activities. Oops, sorry. I know anyone can play sports. I’m trying. Plus, he had never given any outward indication that he was struggling with his identity. However, after reading many stories of young LGBT people suffering in silence, I can only sit with my regret for not helping him sooner. Poor little guy.

When Alex explained the concept of dysphoria to me, it opened my eyes to how he feels about his body. Cisgender boys take for granted feeling comfortable in their bodies, while people like my son struggle with intense feelings of physical and mental anguish. I try to help him however I can but it’s just so hard seeing such a gentleman suffer.

Please parents, do not let your boy become another statistic. So many trans youth commit suicide due to lack of acceptance from peers and family and we cannot sit silently by and watch this continue. If your little guy wants to explore different pronoun options, don’t assume you know how he feels. Just be supportive.

Alex did ask us to call him “Peyton” but this is a Patriots house and that shit just ain’t gonna fly.