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Just Because My Last Piercing Never Healed Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Get Another One

I got my ear lobes pierced about seven months ago. The left one is still kinda swollen, crusty, and bleeds every night. And honestly, the right one isn’t doing much better. But does that mean I should wait another second before I get my next piercing? Hell no!

How a piercing heals is 99% luck. There is basically nothing you can do to ensure a piercing doesn’t get infected. Believe me, I looked into it briefly. Someone should consider creating something that helps with that. God my ears are sore.

At the same time, it’s not like I didn’t take any precautions. I rubbed a powerful charged moldavite crystal on my ears for like two hours before going to a reputable piercer (Claire’s). Then I waited a whole week before swimming in freshwater ponds. Plus, I didn’t change my jewelry for an entire 48 hours after getting pierced. It took a lot of willpower to keep those boring “hypoallergenic” titanium studs the lame piercer put in my ears for two whole days. I switched them out for cool nickel-based dangly crosses I bought at Hot Topic. Sure, they made my lobes throb and ache and ooze, but I got a lot of compliments on them. That’s what piercings are all about.

For my next one, I’m thinking of something big. Something that will take my mind off the constant pain I feel each day in my red-hot lobes. Perhaps one of those industrial piercings that’s like a bar through the top of the ear. Cartilage can’t get infected, right?

Maybe I could get a dermal piercing on my forehead right between my eyes. My buddy Chunk said he watched a Youtube video on how to do that at home with just a safety pin, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and a mini-screw from a glasses repair kit. He said he would only charge me a pack of Parliaments. It’ll look so good with the stick-n-poke neck tattoo I just got done at the gas station. Hopefully, it won’t itch as much.