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It’s 2018, and It’s Time for Women of Color to Be Represented in Our Marriage

We live in a progressive time. The days of mediocre white men dominating the media are coming to an end. As a straight white male myself, I am thrilled about the success of movies like Get Out and Black Panther that I can watch to prove I am not racist.

While watching movies and posting online about how important they are is a heroic and brave act, we cannot stop there. We must look at our own lives and find ways to work towards the inclusion of marginalized groups on a personal level. So baby, this is why I feel it’s time for women of color to be represented in our marriage.

I think we can agree that an all white marriage is a bad look. Let’s look at the numbers. Our marriage is 100% white and 50% male. That makes it 75% problematic. When you factor in that we’re both straight, it becomes increasingly clear that we are not doing our part. We need to act and find a third member of our relationship, ideally Asian. This would make us 66% white, 33% male, and either 33% or 66% LGBTQ+ depending on how chill you decide to be. Any measure short of this is white supremacy, and I refuse to participate in a Nazi marriage.

What kind of message are we sending? When we have a daughter someday, I want to be able to look her 18-year-old friends in the eye, be they black, asian, or other, and say that they can accomplish anything. How can we tell them they can be in the White House if they can’t even see themselves in our bedroom? There is room in this marriage for Black Girl Magic or, just spitballing here, Ancient Chinese Mystery? Okay, that sounded pretty racist but I think you know my heart is in the right place.

If you want to be on the wrong side of history, I will understand and respect the prison of monogamy you have imposed upon me. However, until we have justice in this marriage, I will be taking a knee before all sex in protest.