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Incredible: Guitar Plays in Left Ear, Then Right Ear, Then Both Ears

Yo, guys. I cannot believe what I just heard. Something that completely redefined my idea of what music is and can be. Get this: at the beginning of this song, the guitar played in my left ear. Then it played in my right ear. But after that…holy shit…the guitar played in both goddamn ears!

It was like the guitarist was cloned inside my own head, playing in a mirror image just for me!
This is fucking genius! It’s like I’m scanning a horizon of music, as if the riffs are words on a page I’m reading!

This insane technology catapulted this song for me, to say the least. Instantly, this tune was transformed from mediocre alt-rocker to something as groundbreaking as “Tomorrow Never Knows.” This has got to be the most innovative musical effort since the first caveman rhythm beaten out on two rocks.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and I’m thinking it too. Imagine the potential this “musical landscape” innovation has with drums! There’s, like, a dozen of them to map around the listener! I’ve got to meet the person who produced or mixed or mastered this or whatever. We’ve got the next Phil Spector on our hands. There could even be opposite, right-to-left songs recorded for Arabic-speaking markets…it’s fucking Music 2.0!!!

Hearing loss runs in my family, and I never took it that seriously, but you can bet I’m taking every precaution now because if this seamless left-to-right-to-both breakthrough I’ve just discovered is where we’re headed, I don’t want to miss a beat! Then again, if recording technology has reached this level of advancement, robot ears can’t be far behind!