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If This Combination KFC/Taco Bell Can Make It Work, so Can We

Baby, it doesn’t have to be this way. I know we’ve had problems. We’ve fought. Hell, we’ve made each other sick with indigestion. But we’ve always found our way back to each other because our love means something. After all, if this combination KFC/Taco Bell we’re sitting in can make it work, we can too.

Please don’t cry. Hang on, let me get some napkins.

From the beginning of our romance, people told us it was wrong. They told us we could never be together. That our kinds should never mix. We are like Romeo and Juliet. Like Tony and Maria. Like this KFC/Taco Bell. We are star-crossed lovers whose only crime is to love in a way the world does not understand. But we don’t have to end in tragedy. I know we can overcome any obstacle, as long as we do it together. Do you need another chalupa, babe? More gravy?

You say we make no sense together. But look around! This place makes no sense either! Tacos Locos Supreme served in the same building as a 3-Piece Chicken Box? No one could possibly expect that to work either. But look at that front counter. The opposing colors of KFC’s red and white contrasted against the Live Más branding of Taco Bell, split in two, yet unified in the desire to serve delicious, cost-effective food. The only thing more pure is our love. A love that we cannot let die. Not just for us, but for love itself. Oh, babe, try not to touch your eyes if you’re gonna use the Diablo sauce.

We can be like this combination KFC/Taco Bell. We can go the distance. We can share a home just like this KFC and Taco Bell share a single building, even if it does look crazy weird. We can blend our menus. Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Okay, let’s just stick with love. We can love. And if things ever get stale we can just bring in a third like they did with Pizza Hut. Another slice?