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If Huffing Glue Is Wrong, Why Can’t I Feel My Face and Where Am I?

I’m sick and tired of the double standard when it comes to drug use in this country. If you want to drink until you’re blind that’s perfectly legal, and even in states where marijuana is illegal nobody judges you for it. Well, weed gives me anxiety and drinking just brings me back to normal at this point, so when I need to unwind I have myself a relaxing huff of glue. What of it?

That’s right, I’m a huffer, and it’s about time you all stop giving me shit for it. I’m tired of getting the side-eye from soccer moms at the grocery store every time I bust out a paper bag of the good-sticky to help me decide which pringles to buy. I’m sick of being told “Hey, that shit can literally kill you instantly!” I’m sick of being fired.

Hell, I’m high on glue right now and not only am i type words good, where the fuck am I?


So I sniff som glue. Who care? It not hurting you! It not hurting me neither. Mind fine–maybe better than fine. Glue feel gud.
Ramones do glue too. You no like Ramones? What poser. Watch hand lurn.

Glue come from earth so how make body bad?


Ahhhhh *cough cough*

See, that wasn’t barhd at alp. My head feels a bittle weird now toe. Tingly. Alpo, who is typing these word? Fingers move but who brain them? Maybe more glue help figure out.

Thda smell good no hurt more so whyd say bad for face, no face now blurry numb.



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Wha-what time? I think fell slept on floor. Who puked on shirt? That’s gropes. How it all over room? Who house this anyday?

Ringing so loud.