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If Children Don’t Learn Their Cursive, They’ll Never Understand My Forearm Tattoo

Like a good tattoo idea I had would’ve said, “Times change. Nothing lasts forever”. But just because times change, it doesn’t mean everything from the past should be thrown out like week-old trash. One of those things not to be thrown out is cursive.

Sure, kids these days aren’t writing by hand as much anymore, and even when they do they don’t need to do it with a bunch of fancy loops, but cursive has a sense of class and elegance you could never copy with some boring run-of-the-mill text. My tattoo, for example, deserves more than that. When it comes to a message, delivery is everything.

My forearm tattoo, “GET THE PEPTO BISMAL, BECAUSE MY STOMACH HURTS FROM LAUGHING AT ALL MY HATERS” is more than just some ink on my forearm, it’s a way of life. I got the idea from a meme that featured the Joker. Every time I feel at a loss, I look at that tattoo and am reminded of who I am. I don’t just need to know who I am, everyone does. The future generations must know who I am and the message my forearm has. When I pass on, my skin should be framed so everyone can know how funny and interesting I was.

But without schools being interested in teaching cursive these days, my message of laughing at haters risks being lost in time. It disappears along with the important cursive documents like the Declaration of Independence. Future generations are losing the importance of the founding fathers just like they are losing the importance of laughing at your haters.

On second thought, let them not know. If my tattoo is in a mysterious dead format, that makes it a hundred times cooler. If you don’t like it, then pass me that Pepto Bismal cause I got one more hater to laugh at.