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If a Secret Show Ye Wish to See, Answer Me These Riddles Three!

‘Tis I, the keeper of the gate!
So meet my standards, lest ye seal your fate!
I’ve had many a punk come across my way
Searching for a secret show, you’re the twenty-fifth today!
Our game is hardly just begun,
And in tormenting your mind, I’ll find great fun!
Don’t try to run, don’t try to flee!
And let us see if it’s a poser ye be!

Riddle the first–Name for me, the second track
Of Crass’ second album, or I’ll give you flak!
Ah, it seems you’ve studied well, young punk!
But our game is not yet over, you’ll surely flunk!

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You’ve moved on! Prepare for what’s next!
You’ll be scratching your head, utterly vexed!
So here it is, your second riddle!
Answer quickly, don’t dawdle-diddle!

I’m moody, anxious, and covered in black.
I love the Cure, but ‘tis joy I lack.
What am I? A goth! Correct! And now for riddle the last!
Answer wrong, and prepare to be an outcast!


Your final test! You’ll certainly be stumped!
So don’t get excited, don’t get pumped!
Our little game shall soon stop
After this, riddle the third–are you a cop?
You’re compelled to tell me, ‘tis the law–
Was that a glimpse of ye badge I saw?

No? Ok, cool you pass. See you at the House of Blues.

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