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How To Stop Yourself From Belting Out My Chemical Romance Every Time Someone Says “I’m Not Okay”

These days, few people are truly doing “okay.” Between unemployment, a global pandemic, and a tanking economy, it’s hard to simply feel “fine” anymore. So when you casually ask someone how they’re doing and they decide to honestly answer, “I’m not okay,” it can be tempting to burst into song, screaming every single lyric of My Chemical Romance’s “I’m not okay (I Promise).” As tempting as it may be, here are some helpful tips to not fucking do that.

Make yourself cry immediately
You can’t really sing when you’re crying your eyes out. Well, maybe you can. You are a fan of My Chemical Romance after all. At least crying will put out the fire in your brain to yell “Well, I’m not okay, I’m not o-fucking-kay!” albeit only temporarily.

Sing another My Chemical Romance song instead
There are tons of other MCR songs you can sing that are less on the nose and will feel like slightly less of a mockery of their feelings. Maybe try the one about what would happen if Tim Burton directed the Macy’s Day Parade.

Dramatically flip your emo bangs or scene kid hair, sending the same message but silently
This can actually be used in most situations. When in doubt, flip that swoop.

Run away and don’t ever look back
A classic emo move would be to skip out on your hometown, never to return or interact with anyone again. That place is too small for your big feelings anyway. Perhaps head to the city, to work in a gothic marching band. We hear Tim Burton is casting.