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How to Spot the Warning Signs Before a Friend Becomes a Real Estate Agent

Life can be hard. The demands of school, work, our social lives, and family can make it difficult for even the most stable of us to stay afloat. So what happens when those of us who may not be that stable are dealt a blow like a breakup, getting fired, or decades of reckless behavior coming back to haunt you all at once?

For some, this can lead to a decision that no one wants to see a loved one make: becoming a real estate agent. So how can you spot the warning signs before they take that tragic step? Keep an eye out for some of these tell-tale signs before it’s too late:

Changes in appearance

– Excessive blazer usage
– Wearing dress shirts that cover up the tattoo on their forearm of two PBR cans sixty-nining one another.
– Always smelling like either TJ Maxx cologne or jasmine air spray
– Uncommon hygiene practices like actually shaving or wearing deodorant

Changes in behavior
– Having an annoyingly positive outlook on any situation
– Giving unsolicited updates on refinancing rates or constant reference to “the market”
– Actually being able to explain the concept of “escrow”
– No longer engaging in activities they once enjoyed, like sharing a gram of coke on the toilet paper dispenser at TGI Fridays on a Wednesday night

Changes in how they speak to you and others

– Constant references to ‘dormers’ or ‘backsplashes’ in other houses
– Thinly veiled racist comments on “up and coming” neighborhoods
– Referring to the 250 sq. ft basement studio they rent as “Cozy”
– Answering their phone by giving their name, not ‘sup dickhead?

Changes in what they post online
– Photos of beautiful outdoor scenes or houses accompanied by “not a bad day at the office”
– New social media accounts popping up using their actual name, not scumfuc82
– Using hashtags like #business #entrepreneur or #myvoicejustnaturallysoundslikethisihaventbeenpartyingallnight

Remember, sometimes the warning signs are not clear-cut. They might be evasive while just starting out due to shame or guilt. But without intervention, it could very easily lead to invitations to open houses you will never be able to afford or being asked to give business cards to friends and colleagues. More than anything, this dark road will usually lead to them being a total buzzkill to hang around with.

While 90% of real estate endeavors are simply phases that will pass due to a lack of skills and talent, it’s important to try to be there for your friends and loved ones before it’s too late.