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How To Separate the Art From the Artist’s Annoying Social Media Presence

We’ve all been there. You’re jamming along to a new track. The beat? Incredible. The lyrics? Insightful. The message? Well, they’re singing about a trampoline but whatever you can work out to it. Naturally, you’re overcome with a burning desire to look up more about the artist. So you naively venture onto their Instagram account and in comes the horrible realization that your fave is a cringy dumpster-fire of stupid.

Before you delete Spotify or Apple Music (but not Tidal, of course, since annoying social media presence seems to be the selling point over there), here’s how to separate the art from the artist’s annoying social media presence:

Consume the Tragedy Porn – We know some of you may not be into TP. Personally, we slow down when we see a car accident because it’s a rare opportunity to see something more mangled than our sense of self. So indulge! Load up every problematic tweet, look at the comments praising every virtue-signaling post, scroll through the self-centered, blithe nonsense masquerading as intelligence and compassion. Keep your friends close. Keep your favorite band closer.

Delete Their Music; Vow To Never Listen To Them – If you reach far enough in your doom scroll, your eyes will roll so far back in your head, you’ll need to defend a streak at Wrestlemania. Instead, go cold turkey. Delete them from your rotation. There are plenty of other artists just as talented with far more tasteful face tattoos.

Realize we live in a society – Uh-oh! Turns out every artist sucks. They’re either rich snobs or they tweeted something homophobic or they’re friends with a war criminal. Lana Del Rey? White savior complex. Doja Cat? Registered forum member.

Maybe it’s best to simply enjoy the art that makes us happy without needing to know the intimate details of the lives of those who made it. Once you realize all celebrities are capitalist shrills managed by multi-millionaires to be a profitable brand that conforms to trends, you’ll never look to them for their politics or personal views ever again!