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How This Guitarist Turned His in Between Song Banter Into an Hour Long Podcast

We need to save our stages, people! More importantly, we need to save our stage banter. With live music practically nonexistent, some musicians have found themselves in search of new places to express their non-rhyming thoughts. While some have turned to social media, we spoke to one guitarist who is revolutionizing the concept of “making surface-level jokes and rambling about nothing” by turning his stage banter into a podcast. Let’s hear what he had to say!

“I’ve been an aspiring touring musician for years. My on-stage banter is so funny that my friends frequently ask me if I’ve tried stand up, which I haven’t, but totally should. Having so much to say yet so little to talk about got me thinking, ‘why limit myself to the 5 minutes in between each song when people can listen to me for a whole hour in an unedited monologue?’ Naturally, this has to be the logical progression for someone like me whose every word is enthralling.”

So inspiring. And talk about having the gift of gab! But how does the podcast differ from the onstage banter?

“Sometimes during a set, I like to let people know when the next song is a new one. I do the same thing with my podcast. I start every episode by explaining that, while they probably prefer the old stuff, this is a new one. Then I tell racist jokes for an hour. With my band, of course. I’d never do that on a podcast.”

What an innovator! In addition to modifying the content, the medium of podcasting causes a need to get creative as well.

“It’s not that big of a change. For instance, instead of thanking my devoted fans, now I thank Dollar Shave Club. Ya know, Dollar Shave Club has everything to make you look, feel, & smell your best. Use promo code “HOWSEVERYBODYDOINGTONIGHT” to get 10% off at checkout.”