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How I Saved $100 by Getting a New Piercing Instead of a New Tattoo

For me, this time of year is peak body modification season. My seasonal depression is tapering off and the financial windfall that will come from my incoming tax return has created the perfect scenario for me to get some work done! Now, a younger me would’ve immediately blown my entire return on another scorpion tattoo. Instead, this year I did something responsible. I saved 100 dollars by only getting a piercing.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, you saved over half of your tax return money by making one simple, smart financial decision.” And to that I say, “Actually, it was closer to two-thirds.”

See, typically a tattoo large enough to get me through spring would cost upwards of $200. This year is different though. I’m 30 years old now, which means I automatically know how to manage money. It’s just something that comes with age, I guess. It must, right? I sure as shit I know I haven’t matured as a person.

All said and done the two new piercings only ran me about $100 bucks plus tip (I’m not some asshole who doesn’t tip). Plus, it only took about 10 minutes! This was perfect. I saved at least 100 dollars and had some spare time to dissociate in my car that night. Plus, the next day my new responsible self was able to use that 100 bucks to pay for most of a walk-in Simpsons flash piece.