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How I Landed My Dream Job by Showing Just a Little Bit of Nut in My LinkedIn Profile Pic

If you want to compete in today’s job market, you need to create a personal brand. You need to show potential employers why you’re the right candidate for the position, and you don’t have a lot of time and space to do so. Research shows that recruiters will look at a candidate’s LinkedIn profile for ten seconds before moving on to the next. So how do you make your profile stand out to a job recruiter? You can start by letting a little nut or nip slip out in your profile pic.

You don’t want to overdo it. Make it something they could almost miss with a quick glance. This will humanize you to recruiters while also letting them know that you’re down to party if the job calls for it. You also need to make sure you choose a solid background for your profile photo – something that doesn’t distract front the main event too much. I used my display of empty Skol vodka bottles I have duck taped to the wall in my living room.

Too many candidates will post universities or colleges in the Education section. Recruiters get tired of reading Dartmouth and Stanford over and over again. Give yourself the edge by listing your top 3 Metallica albums instead. After all, Professor Het taught you way more than that geriatric Comp instructor at Johnson Community College ever did. And don’t just pick the first three albums – throw a curveball in there like Load, or even Re-Load if you think you can back it up during an interview.

If you find yourself getting an in-person interview, make sure your show up with the same nut or nip slipped out. Recruiters really frown on it when a person doesn’t look like their profile photo. Try to answer their questions with the confidence of a Tool fan explaining Lateralus to their nephew at the kid’s table during Thanksgiving. And when the interview concludes, shake hands with the recruiter, giving them that gross little finger scratch on their palm. This will make you more memorable when they start the review process.

Too many candidates rely only on boring stuff like having “relevant work experience” or passing a “Criminal Background Check.” So put your best nut forward and show them who’s the right choice.