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How to Help Other Women Rise to Your Level of Success and Absolutely No Higher

We here at Hard Style are strong feminists. We understand that your band is not just a performance of feminism but an actual expression of your very radical politics. Of course, you want to help other women in your scene rise to your level of success in the spirit of sisterhood.  In honor of your girl power, we’ve thought of some ways to help other women rise to your level of success and not even a hair further.

Get Your Girlfriend’s Gigs!

First, always recommend your best friend’s band for cool gigs, assuming your band is also on the bill and it wouldn’t lead to her playing after your band. After all, if you recommended Lisa for the gig, she should not try to out shine you, that would be shady. You helped her, now she can help you by making sure you stay the center of attention at all times and reminding the crowd during her set to stay for your band.

Share Your Network!

It’s a good idea to give other women in the scene your carefully organized list of press contacts and bookers. However, be honest with the bookers and do your best to let them know that that certain bands are sometimes late for gigs. Like Lisa’s band that time they played her mom’s funeral and then were five minutes late to their other show that night because they were feeling, “things.”

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The Work Place Counts Too!

There are lots of ways you can help other women outside of the music scene. Why don’t you get your friend a job at your work with flexible hours and great benefits? This will be really cool because she will be able to focus on her music more and go on tour without the stress of financial burden. But at the same time you don’t want a cushy job to make her art suffer. The best music comes out of dark places. So for her benefit make sure the manager is on Lisa’s ass as often as possible.

All women are equal, strong, and powerful . When one woman shines, we all shine. But there are always ways to make sure you shine the brightest (much brighter than Lisa). After all, without that glass ceiling how are you going to check your lipstick in the reflection on your way to the top?