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Help! I’m Trapped Inside My Mom’s Body and the Battle of the Bands Is This Friday!

Has this ever happened to you? I was printing flyers for the battle of the bands this coming Friday on the company printer and texting with my mom about how I couldn’t make it to dinner on Sunday because I had a DJ set to recoup the losses from being in a band. She got super mad and said “I have no son” at the same moment I said “I have no mom.” Well, as you may have expected, I woke up trapped in my mom’s body. Help!

I only have a few days to figure this out. From what I understand, if you do a clothes-shopping montage to 80’s music and learn a little bit about each other then this whole problem goes away. But as a super cool dude in a local band I can’t risk being seen in public standing outside a changing room with my mom. Especially not while “Wham!” is playing.

The only other realistic alternatives are teaching my mom how to play guitar in three days so people think it’s me or just playing the gig as my mom. She isn’t really musically inclined, so I’m going to have to take the second option. The only issue here is that, as a grown man, I get my height and stature from my father. My mom is five foot nothing at best. I just know the second I strap on my 8 string I’m going to faceplant into the floor monitor and I probably won’t be able to get up to finish the set. Can anybody help?