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Help! I’m Pretty Good at My Job and It’s Ruining My Music Career

Boy, is my life in shambles these days. I just got promoted to district manager of Omega Printz and it’s been a huge disaster. Not because I’m struggling. I’m actually killing it in my new position. Only problem is, I’m great at my job and it’s preventing me from advancing my music career.

My purpose here on Earth isn’t to deliver quality printing at affordable prices. It’s to take my hardcore/ska band, East of Under, to the top!

Like I said, I’m actually kind of good at my job and it’s taking up more and more of my time. I started working at Omega Printz because I thought it’d be an easy job where I could slack off and score some free show flyers but now I practically run the place. Corporate keeps entrusting me with more responsibility and much to my horror, I’m apparently up for the challenge.

These days, I’m going to fewer shows, jumping in fewer pits, and not drinking nearly as much because I actually care if I’m hungover the next day. How am I supposed to participate in the scene if I’m not abusing my mental and physical health several nights a week?

And don’t get me started on my rock star image. Being a competent, reliable worker may be good for business but it’s not good for my reputation as a ne’er-do-well outcast from society. People now see me as a pillar of the community instead of an explicit detraction from it. I keep trying to leave early but my employees keep asking for nights off to play shows in their shitty bands too.

As much as I enjoy the perks of a stable job like the ability to obtain food consistently, I can’t help but worry Ill regret it if I never dedicate myself to being a dancing ska guy full time.