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Help! I Told Everyone That I Liked This Album but Then Anthony Fantano Reviewed It and It Became Objectively Bad

Last week I found my new favorite album. I listened to it immediately after it came out and I thought it was great! I told all my music-loving friends about it and invited them all over for a listening party next week. I told them to be prepared for an album that mastered indie rock while redefining it completely. I knew I was about to up my music cred with my whole friend group. At least that’s what I thought before I clicked on The Needle Drop review of the album and found out I was apparently wrong. Help!

I clicked the link and my heart sank immediately when the yellow flannel shirt I’d expected was nowhere to be seen. How can Anthony Fantano not see how heartbreakingly beautiful this album is the way I do? Even more heartbreaking is the thought that all my friends are gonna watch it too and think I have bad taste.

I can’t believe I told everyone whose opinion I care about that I loved an album that is now objectively bad. Even worse, now I think I have bad taste! How could I have been so wrong about what I liked? I was on a real hot streak too. The last three albums I recommended were only met with two “meh”s and one person even gave it an exclamation point react in the group chat. Now any credibility I had built up is gone.

This is the last time I base my music taste on an ARTV video.