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Hell Yeah! My Credit Card Company Called to Say My Balance Is Outstanding

Growing up is hard and it happens so fast. It’s like one day you’re graduating from high school, and the next you’re supposed to be an adult and understand words like “interest rate” “final notice” or “repossession.” There’s a lot of pressure from society, banks, and parents to get your financial shit in order. So after weeks of effort I’m proud to announce that things are finally starting to turn around for me — today my credit card company called to tell me my balance is outstanding.

How cool is that?!

And to think, when I dropped out of college to sell merch for my boyfriend’s band people said I was making a mistake. But I’m showing them!  Charging repairs for Dusty’s van isn’t a waste, it’s an investment in our future. Someday when he’s famous we’re going to be rich and all this debt I’ve accrued will be worth it.

I know a lot of my friends from high school are buying houses, having babies, and saving for retirement. But I’m preparing for old age in my own way. Money might come and go but these tattoos are going to make me look cool forever. Also, I’m totally thinking about adopting a pit bull just as soon as Dusty and I can afford to move out of his uncle’s place.

And after Burning Man, of course.  

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I will admit I have made some financial missteps. That peyote spirit quest I dropped $2,000 on turned out to be a scam that left me stranded and tripping in the desert, and there may be some legal fees due to damages I caused with my homemade Diva Cup business, but I think when my Etsy shop opens next fall I’m really going to make it.

Finally the world will have access to vegan glitter bondagewear for cats. Until then I have my OUTSTANDING credit card balance to be fall back on, and for that I’m #blessed.

Article by Courtney Baka @courtneybaka.