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Heartwarming: Woman Receives Apology Email From Childhood Friend She Didn’t Know Was Bullying Her

Who says friendship can’t last forever? 32-year-old Linda Carson hadn’t heard from her childhood friend, Anne Hills, in over 20 years when she received an email out of the blue. To her delight, then confusion, then humiliation, Hill apologized for years of mockery that Carson was completely unaware of. Faith in humanity: restored!

Hills began the email with a sincere apology and the assurance that she’s changed a lot since middle school when she posed as Carson’s crush over AOL messenger. She confessed that she’s always regretted convincing her to meet “Kyle” at a Baskin Robbins in the next town over. Both Hill’s incredible vulnerability and the memory of the long bus ride home that night brought tears to Carson’s eyes. All the feels!

Hill went on to apologize for “accidentally” dropping Carson’s inhaler in a porta potty, sending an anonymous email to the PTA warning them that Carson was patient zero of the lice outbreak, and paying Carson several hundred sarcastic compliments over the course of 2 years.

Hill ended her email asking if there was any way Carson could ever forgive her. Carson responded to Hill’s email thanking her for her heartfelt apology and asking if miniskirts over cargo shorts were ever actually in style or if that was a joke too. Hill did not respond.

How much better would the world be if we all had the strength and maturity to own up to our mistakes? Whether it’s Anne Hill growing out of her childish ways or Linda Carson never trusting another human being again, it’s important to remember that everyone is capable of change.