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Feminist Win: This Size-inclusive Clothing Store Offers XXXXS To Large

Are you sick of the big chain stores and their constricting sizes? If so, feminism just got a huge win in the form of Layla’s, the female-owned boutique that’s revolutionizing shopping for women of all body types. This size-inclusive store offers pieces ranging all the way from XXXXS to large!

According to the store’s owner, Layla Blankenship, “Before opening this store, I always felt that the confines of small, medium, and large weren’t fitting for women like myself. One day, after combing the shelves of Gucci, Balenciaga, and Valentino looking for an XXXXS, I simply couldn’t believe how out-of-touch my favorite stores were with the average woman.”

Walking through Layla’s feels like liberation from the expectations of femininity. No matter your body type, you’re always welcome at Layla’s. And customers, particularly the tiny ones, are feeling that love.

According to shopper Maddy Orleans, “I absolutely love Layla’s. I could be shopping at one of the other stores if I wanted to, but shopping at Layla’s allows me to support women all over the world, like the little girls making these clothes who are empowered by getting to learn sewing and other career skills at such a young age.”

Some customers, particularly ones suffering from being curvy, have offered mixed feedback. But Layla’s is always striving to do better! Their goal is to create a world in which all paying customers feel safe in their own bodies. While corporations, lawmakers, and society in general may not have women’s best interests at heart, people like Layla Blankenship are on a mission to make all women feel good about their bodies. Ya know, as long as they’re rich enough to afford designer clothes.