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Do Your Younger Coworkers Think You’re Cool or Do They Just Crave a Father Figure?

Are you stuck wasting your life in a dead-end job? Is the most fulfilling part of your week when your Gen-Z coworkers listen to you regale them with tales of your glory days at Warped Tour? Here’s how to know if your coworkers really enjoy that water cooler talk or if they just crave a father figure.

A good test to see if your coworkers think you’re chill is if they wrap you into every new social media craze. Do your coworkers ask you to be in their BeReal story every day? Have you sacrificed your phone storage because they bullied you into downloading Snapchat? If so, they think you’re pretty cool. If not, they’re definitely using those apps to text each other about how you’re probably mad at them.

Have they asked you to be in a selfie? Now, lots of colleagues are fond of selfies so this may not mean much by itself. The key is to note where they post them. If you spot them on Instagram, then you’re their cool older friend. However, if you never see those pictures on social media, that means they’re probably in a physical scrapbook in your coworker’s living room.

Receiving nicknames from work friends is an ultimate gesture of endearment and a good way to know how they really feel about you. It’s not an exact science, but usually if they add a “y” or “ie” to your name, it means their subconscious sees you as a friend and peer. For example, if your name is Rick and one day they call you “Ricky,” they most likely think you’re the man! If your name is Rick and one day they call you “Dad,” it most likely means you’re the closest thing to a father they have ever had.